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For reasons of confidentiality, information about our clients is hidden and cannot be shared by virtue of contractual relations

lost money

Broker name: HBC BROKER

The amount of damage: 5 350 USD

Repayment period: 1-2 Months

Return through foreign bodies. Criminal case was opened

The broker was very competent and received payments from customers in different ways, so that it was not possible to refund the money via the payment systems. To return the money we had to organize a trip at the location of the Broker and personally submit a statement to the police. The money was returned in 1-2 months.

money return

Broker name: GLOBAL FX

The amount of damage: 67 273 USD

Repayment period: 2-3 weeks

Return with help of United Kingdom Authorities Fraud Squad. Criminal case was opened

The broker was very competent and one of the biggest in Europe known for taking very large transactions, it was not possible to recover the money with help of bank or payment systems, Fraud Squad quickly took control of the money after contacting the bank that stored the money. To return the money we had to organize a very long conference call with Fraud Squad and the Financial Director of the bank. The money was returned within 3 weeks.

money recovery

Broker name: Greenfield Capital

The amount of damage: 1 492 USD

Repayment period: 1-2 weeks

Return with help of Fraud Squad. Financial Director of the company jailed

One of the most known scam brokers in Scandinavia, mainly operated in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Throughout the operation we were able to get identity of the Financial Director of the company who was extradited and took full responsibility in UK Court. the money was returned in less than 2 weeks

money refund

Broker name: Option888

The amount of damage: 1 958 USD

Repayment period: 1-2 weeks

Return was made with help of Recoverpro Lawyers and Fraud Squad investigators. Criminal case was opened

One of the biggest Binary Options scam companies operated for 2 years in Europe and Asia, currently Fraud Squad is working on closing down the company, money was returned through close work of Recoverypro and Payment Provider. Money was returned in less than 1 week


How do we return money

With a staff of professional lawyers, translators and attorneys we implement all the methods to return your money

Banking procedure “Chargeback”


Foreign authorities ``Fraud Squad``


Legal bodies ``United Kingdom Police``


The geography of our work is not limited

We possess successful experience in more than 20 countries, including the USA and offshore areas

claim lost money

Medicine To

The issues you will have to face if you decide to return your money on your own


Chargeback refusal without the second chance to make an application


Unending negotiations with the bank, broker and regulators


Menacing and provocative calls from the broker on a daily basis


Making dozens of applications and claims to different authorities


Personal application handing at the legal address of the broker


Professional translation of all the documents into English language

Medicine To

Recoverypro Service Packages

After 5 years of successful work, we have created 3 guarantee packages to recover you lost funds


Damage from 250 USD
  • Free first Consultation
  • Personal lawyer
  • Personal manager
  • Full follow-up on case
  • 120 Minutes for round-the-clock support and consultation of the lawyer


Damage from 20 000 USD
  • Free first consulation
  • Personal lawyer
  • Personal manager
  • Full follow-up on case
  • Free unlimited round-the-clock support and consultation of the lawyer
  • Priority in making and sending documents to appeal against the transaction
  • Application for chargeback from CEO of the company
  • 24 Hour to assemble and send documents to the bank after contract signing and payment


Damage from 1000 USD
  • Power Elite Support
  • 27+ Beautiful Demos
  • 115+ Page Templates


Damage from 10 000 USD
  • Power Elite Support
  • 27+ Beautiful Demos
  • 115+ Page Templates
Using the procedure of the “chargeback” payment systems, we will be able
to return up to 100% of the damaged amount.
Otherwise, we will give your money back for the service in full amount.

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Returning money from untrustworthy brokers

With the prevalence of low-quality brokers out there, it’s easier than ever to get tricked and lose some/all of your money during the process. Although scam is a pretty hurtful thing to share with others, it’s actually necessary for bringing up the option to return back the funds that may have been lost forever. First of all, however, it’s of extreme importance to establish some of the popular methods of how people get tricked, what to do about it, and the end results of the process. Thus, this guide will cover all of the following topics, so make sure to read it until the end.

Trading as a mean of scamming

In the recent while, it has been noticed by different communities on the internet that Forex trade became very popular. Usually, people get attracted to the possibility of selling big-time, but then forget about the fact that the whole system works like a pyramid that perpetuates fraud for those on the top. More so, because people never check the license and trading agreements, allowing to set aside any possibility of a direct chargeback per se: interestingly enough, such a steal is described in a pretty much every single negative review left on the Forex website. Similarly, people seem to focus on the fact that trade is binary: you either win or lose, nothing in between while, in reality, the situation with capital to gain crown on the market is a bit different. Finally, when one forgets to ask about the refund in trading, it’s clear that a broker may always blame the investor for his/her own personal faults. After all, not every trading platform has enough resources to establish a recovery fund, which is why it’s important to know what you’re signing up for.

Some trading platforms where scam is known to have happened

For the most part, it’s commonly thought that scamming only happens in some unpopular trading platforms, while in reality, the situation is very different. To provide you with a more specific example, we will list some top-notch places where fraud is not a deal of the past:

  • uno
  • yesoption
  • bitcoin
  • gfc
  • pbn
  • 72option
  • option888
  • binarytilt
  • bright
  • finance
  • forexgrand
  • gtp
  • infiniti
  • optionfm
  • plus
  • prestige
  • titan
  • ubinary
  • 24option

Please, use this listing for reference when choosing which trading platform is right for you. Nevertheless, it kind of tells you that everyone is susceptible to fraud from an untrustworthy broker, regardless of the scale of the trading platform.

What to do next?

One of the few options one has after being fooled by places like greenfield is to contact the professional service that could help you open up a criminal case. When faced with official charges from the government forces, all these brokers tend to start cooperating for their own’s sake. Thus, returning one’s investment may be quite possible to do. Let’s analyze some of the most popular methods of how that usually happens. Whether your location is stern, Denmark, Norway, or Sweden, it’s possible to get money back from everywhere!

  1. When a chargeback is refused, there is a way to second the application to the company or agency through the direct message option.
  2. Then, it makes a perfect sense to have negotiations going on with one’s personal bank, broker, and regulators in one’s own country.
  3. Provoking an invest-focused broker to a call on a daily basis, either through a claim or best-automated call services
  4. Making lots of claims to an agent of the broker, trying to list a broker as untrustworthy with the help of crypto and blockchain as well as a grand attack on the reputation of a scammer
  5. Making a personalized application to authorities to find out the address of the broker
  6. Calling places like olsson, solidcfd, toroption, bitpanda, coinbase, transferwise, anydesk, teamviewer as well as brightertrade, crownfinance, gtpcapital, infinitimarket, oprion, plusoption, prestigeoption, titantrade
  7.  Translating all the documents to English or any other appropriate language

As silly as it sounds, but these steps combined are some of the means of achieving a reaction from the broker. Often times, he/she finds it much easier to just give up on the stolen money instead of dealing with all these legal/personal attacks himself or herself. Although, all of these steps are also easier to be said than done.

End Results

To recover the funds, one has to try hard and spend a considerable amount of time devoting to the process. Yet, the end results are pretty promising as most of our clients are known to get their funds back either in cryptocurrency or real money as a part of the service that we provide. Thus, it makes the perfect sense to at least try all of these described above methods for that specific purpose. After all, getting scammed is a pretty difficult thing to overcome, but not having enough funds for the future investment is probably way worse than that in comparative perspective. That is one of the things people forget often when choosing not to contact service like ours: if you need your money back, though, make sure you do!